Pick Your Own Pearls at the Redondo Beach Pier!

Purchase a chance to pick your own cultured oyster from our tank. Every oyster is guaranteed to have at least one pearl inside!

To commemorate our 30th anniversary on the Redondo Beach Pier, pearl picking is only $9.99+ tax per oyster!

We’ll open the oyster to reveal what’s inside.

The size and color of the pearl will depend the luck of the draw.
If you’re lucky, the oyster may contain twins or even triplets!

It’s a fun way to start your Pearl Jewelry collection!

For an extra fee, we can set the pearl or pearls you’ve collected onto silver or gold rings, pendants, earrings and more while you wait.  We have a wide selection of settings to choose from starting at only $9.50 +tax.

Come visit us if you’re visiting the Redondo Beach Pier.  We’re located on the south side of the pier right next to the kite shop.